June 4, 2020

So here we are again. A lot has happened since we last spoke. Time for an update! We left of last November. Since then we've been working on finalizing the designs. Every colour, fabric, stitch, fit and shape has been thought out and discussed. A pretty intense proces! It takes a lot of time and energy, but we're getting there. The final prototypes for the first collection are almost ready! A little sneak peek...

Whilst Akelei was working on the designs, I focussed mostly on finding the perfect materials. Fabric, buttons, yarn, labels, hangtags, polybags; it all has to be as sustainable (either organic or recycled) and local as possible. With also thinking about colour, drape, availability and pricing, this is quite a though search. But it looks like we did it! We're working with amazing Dutch and European companies like Ecological Textiles, Courtney & Co, EElabels and Wastebased.

Somewhere allong the way we decided it would be a good idea to develop our own stripe fabric, so we could 100% decide on the colours, the width and the amount of stripes. It would be a great and unique feature for our collection! Well, one thing is for sure, no stripe in the world is this thought out. We researched hunderds of stripes and drew 38 options before we found the ONE. Our fantastic partner Enschede Textielstad is weaving the sample fabric for us as we speak!

So what's next? The design phase is almost over, all materials and trims are sourced, we have our own stripe; I guess it's production time! We're working on the production planning now and will hopefully be able to take steps in that direction in the upcoming months. Fingers crossed! In the meantime we keep busy with trying to think of the perfect brand name (suggestions are most welcome!) and figuring out a lot of admin and legal stuff. That too is part of starting a business!

This is where our journey has brought us so far. Who knows where we will be in another six months. We will definitely keep you posted. I hope you are as excited as we are!

Love, Marjolein

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