November 27, 2019

The word is out! So I guess it's really happening: hier komt een merk. It's still a work in progress and we're not there yet, but at the same time a lot is going on that I don't want to withhold from you. So here it is, the journey of HIER KOMT EEN MERK, form starting on the business model, working on the concept and dreaming of the designs to visiting production ateliers and material suppliers and still not deciding on the name for the brand. Enjoy the journey with us!

In Spring of 2019 I joined the Business Model Challenge at the Impact Hub Amsterdam. For three months me and my fellow impact entrepreneurs analysed every part of our businesses and worked towards the ultimate business model (if there's ever such a thing). We ended the program with a 90 second pitch. Check out mine to learn all about the idea behind the brand.

Part of creating this sustainable as can be fashion brand is connecting with lots of other sustainable initiatives in the industry. That's why Akelei (one of my oldest and closest friends ánd designer of the brand) and I visited The Knitwit Stable last April. Here we learned everything we need to know about sustainable wool production. They keep a bunch of super cute and happy sheep and goats in Baambrugge and deliver the most beautiful wool yarns you can imagine.

A few weeks later I travelled down to Enschede to meet Annemieke at Enschede Textielstad. She owns an industrial weaving mill that produces fashion fabrics with recycled and locally sourced yarns. She explained a lot about the sustainability aspects of recycling and showed me the amazing colours she can provide. Just a little while ago I went by BORO*ATELIER. They are a dying atelier that only uses plantbased materials and reduces the water usage significantly. Another big plus, their dye is biodegradable!

These and a lot of other visits and connections help me form my own opinion about sustainability. What choices do I have to make? What do I want to choose? What does sustainability in fashion mean to me?

Beside these obvious sustainable initiatives I also looked into "regular" material suppliers. Almost all of them have at least one or two organic or otherwise certified options. So I asked them all for samples and started to work my way through. I'm not sure we're going to find our fabrics here but is was definitely fun and look at all those colours! That's a given, it's going to be  a colourful collection, something that brightens up your day, get's your creative juices flowing and makes you enjoy fashion without feeling guilty.

Thank you for following our journey and all the support. Amazing things are coming up, stay tuned!

Love, Marjolein

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